Digital Asset Protection for Web3

#Web3's leading asset monitoring service, covering more than 500 cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens.

No KYC or crypto wallet integration needed,
Just tell us your wallet address and we will do the rest.

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We've got your back

Key features

Crypto investment is hard enough. Protecting them shouldn't be.


We monitor emerging threats and critical security issues in real time. Our unique approach combines automated blockchain activity monitoring with human intelligence, giving you access to correlated and actionable data.


Get personalized suspicious activity reports. With timely information on the health of digital assets you can take corrective actions to minimize financial loss.

Protection and Recovery

Crypto investments are inherently risky and volatile. We are here to help you prepare for and recover from security hacks and malicious scams.

How It Works?
1. You Sign Up

One click easy sign-up. No KYC and no need to connect your cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

2. We Scan

Using our unique multi-layered scanning technique we look for signals which can impact your asset performance.

3. We Alert

Highly correlated alerts only surfacing pertinent and actionable information. We secure your wallets and your funds.